Daily Money Management services are provided for a one-time need or an on-going basis

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Manage your financial obligations

  • Review mail

  • Reconcile any discrepancies on financial, medical and insurance statements or bills

  • Pay bills

  • Track expenditures

  • Negotiate with creditors

  • Make bank deposits

  • Automate bill payment

analyze your historical finances

  • Prepare spend analysis

  • Prepare cash flow analysis

  • Prepare net worth statement

  • Prepare asset inventory report

  • Prepare debt analysis report

  • Review, analyze and consolidate financial accounts

  • Review, research and negotiate consumer products and services

  • Review credit report

  • Organize financial documents for estate finalization, tax preparation and beyond

plan your financial future

  • Setup a personal record keeping system and organize financial, medical and legal documents

  • Create a budget / spending plan

  • Devise a strategy for spending or debt reduction

  • Recommend suggestions for improving credit score

  • Develop savings strategy

  • Discuss financial goals and formulate a plan to meet those goals

  • Refer to or meet with accountants, financial advisors, insurance agents, attorneys or other professionals